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Créer une couverture de Collectif BD

Bonjour ! Today I want to show you the creation process of this illustration made for Tabulit comic . Aujourd’hui je vous montre le processus de création d’une illustration faite pour Tabulit comic. Tabulit comic has been doing comic book anthologies where they feature many great artists either through their comics, illustration or authors as…

linocut printmaking

A linocut update : Desert Linocut

Bonjour ! Do you remember last October ? I had challenged myself to do inktober with linocut. Carving 1 linoleum bloc per week, making it 5 linocut to make for the month of October. If you don’t know about it I’ll advise you to go read my article at the time here. Vous vous rappellerez…

drawing comic for 23h

les 23h de la BD

Bonjour ! We area already at the 8th of April ! How time flies, I had such a busy month. And to finish on a happy note I decide to take part in the 23 hour of comic challenge. A very French challenge that include drawing 23 hours straight, no sleep no breaks ! No ok…

23HBD comic 23h bd

Lisez Raid : La BD des 23h de la BD

Raid est une BD faite en 23H ! Raid is currently not available in English. Sorry you’ll have to wait but you can still browse it ! Un peu moins en réalité, 17h en vrai, cette BD de 24 pages à été réalisée dans les cadre du challenge des 23H de la BD 2019. Un…