Soda Pop Drop out on Amazon !

Bonjour dear readers !

I am forever sorry I absolutely forgot to tell you the book I illustrated for Mallory Howell is out and available on Amazon : follow the link here to find it.

This children book has in fact been out for a few month now, and I think I already talked about it in a previous post about the books that I illustrated before the summer of 2018.

But I thought the book would deserve it’s own post. I got my own paper back copy and I wanted to share with you a few picture of the inside ( without any spoil for those who would like to get it !)

Soda pop drop was my first full watercolor book. I am quite happy about this achievement. And I am quite happy of the overall mood of this childbook. I think it is quite fitting to the story.

I am quite happy of the feedback the book got on amazon, it’s very good, a real source of joy for me !

The story of this children book is quite soft and endearing an I really loved working on it.

I will have other books to talk to you about, I plan on doing other posts about my books and printed stuffs from last year so if you like, I have comics and other illustrated children books to share ! Yay

Thanks for reading me and see you soon !

Happy reading !



Happy Valentine’s day !

Hello !

What a beautiful day for all the loved ones, and the singles too ?!

For this event I had fun with a tiny kitty themed love illustration. So I took my tablet, my paper and my brushes and started sketching.

I wanted a simple illustration and also cute cats that would just reflect this feeling of coziness. I think both cats look just cosy and soft as I expected.

Check out the process for this watercolor illustration on my youtube channel :

For the past years I have been slowly trying to improve my hand lettering. I try to use pen and inks, but also as you might have seen on my childbook, whenever I can I try to do the titles by hand on the computer. I know it wasn’t always the best, but just like watercolor last year I feel like I’ve made quite a bit of progress.

My hand lettering looks quite nice in the video doesn’t it ?

I made this card as a product on my Etsy shop. I actually made two products. The second being a digital file you can download and color. I have been quite into coloring books lately an I’ve been thinking of doing some lines to color.

Anyway it was great fun doing this small watercolor illustration.

I hope you’ll enjoy it !

Have the most wonderful and cosy day !