Bonjour !

This week another book I illustrated but this time only the cover, and also for a slightly older audience : Maria the Wanted ( Book one ).

Click here to find the book on Amazon

A very challenging cover with a lot of characters and even a dragon to draw. But honestly that’s the cool part ! I’m very proud of this book cover I must say.

The end result is quite nice with these soft warm colors that remind us of the hot Mexican pampas.

The book is already available on Amazon as well as a kindle and as a paperback as well, I still haven’t read it but reviews are quite good and it really makes me want to try it. But I’m still reading Bartimeus’ Trilogy so this book will sadly have to wait in my library !

I hope you’re still enjoying seeing my freelance illustrations from last year I still have a few to share.

Have a great week and keep reading !



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