Here you will find all my comics, I do comics in my down time. These are my personal projects mostly.

Ici vous trouverez mes projets personnels de bande dessinée fait pour mon plaisir entre deux clients.

comic short stories

Short stories : A compilation of all my short comics available to read for free on comic platforms like Tapastic and Webtoon.

Avialable to read here on Webtoon

Aviailable to read here on Tapastic

Radiant : A science fiction story about a girl followed by strange enemies. Currently on Hiatus.

Trains : A short story featured in the Canadian collaborative magazine ” Afar ” published by Tabulit Comics.

La terre qui sommeille : A short story writen by Carole Ballereau I illustrated for the French collaborative magazine Turbo time travel.

A day’s : A Science fiction short story to appear in the next’s collaborative magazine by Tabulit Comics ” Station 999 “.

Rêverie : Writen by Carole Ballereau and illustrated by me a long time ago it’s coming back very soon on Webtoon and Tapas.