The fairies is a child book I illustrated for the Creative Digital Book Factory.
It is a story meant to be read on tablet, voices and animations have been added to my illustration (you can see a video exemple here). The illustrations are on a long line, like long landscape and the reader have to travel thru the story. 
It was very interesting to work this way. I allowed dynamic layout and beautiful color transitions. 
The final look of all the characters of the story.
A test of painting the characters with a background.
From the beginning to the end
The layout with some lights and shadows.
The colorscript.
The final illustration.
A sneak peak
Just to give you an idea, this is the full illustration, the quality is bad but you can see the lenght of it ! 
Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed the behind the scene of this project
News : the book is out and now available on the Itunes store for french speakers. I made a small shaky video to show you a little how it works insibe Ibooks, on Ipad. 
First try for a fairy
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