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Book illustrated and written by Isabelle Arné for Titalbum

Childbook Cover Process Video

Bonjour ! How are you ? I have a new video showing my painting process for the illustration of the cover of the book the Hare and the Frogs, be sure to check it out : As you  may already know, this book is part of a contest by  Titalbum, all the likes, comments, good…

Cover book design fantasy new book

New books and back to work !

Bonjour ! Summer is over and it is time to get back into the studio for a new year of productivity. Actually I did work a lot this summer, I traveled a bit for sure but I was also working on this child book : It is fully made in watercolor and I am quite…

Plein air Adventures

Bonjour ! I you follow me on Instagram you might already have seen some of my plein air paintings I did during my trip to the Pyrénées, a nice mountain chain in the south of France. During this two weeks trip I had for a plan to do as much watercolors and gouaches as I…

Comic for Tabulit comic book collective

AFAR: A Comic Anthology About Distance

Bonjour ! I am very glad to announce to you that I made a comic for an anthology book about long distance relationships made by Tabulit. The comic I made is called “Trains” and is about living appart from a loved one : I’ve been working with Tabulit for a while and I love what…

Artist sketchbook, homemade, paperblanks

Have a look into my sketchbooks

Bonjour ! I recently finished these two sketchbooks, the first one was offered to me by Paperblanks. You can see here the article I made for them at the time, I had another sketchbook by the same brand. It is such lovely sketchbook, I just love drawing in it. But starting the begining of the…