My inktober will be in Linocut !

Bonjour !

This is Inktober again !

Inktober is a challenge for al artists who want to get better at inking, or any other technique.

I wanted to improve on a new medium I started not long ago : linocut ! 

linocut whale

My challenge for this inktober, that I ended up calling linoctober for me, is to do 1 linocut for each week of october. It’s 5 linocut in total and I took a theme that I like : Travel.

I’m very new to linocut and although I might not be able to give some tips yet, I can talk to you about my experience.

As of today I already made two prints : the forest and the whale.

Forest linocut print

And it had been very fun and helped me find more focus in what I do, as each carving stroke is important. I need to keep my focus during all the time I am carving my linocut.

I invite you to go check my instagram. Each week I do a give away to offer to one of my followers the linocut print done during the week :

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Giveaway time ! Yes yes yes ! Let's do a giveaway for this #inktober linocut print as well. To get it, its very simple : 1. be following me 2. like the post 3. tag a friend in the comments for an extra chance. 4. Share this post in your story or profile for an extra chance. 5. good luck ! I will give the result wednesday 17th ! yay ! #giveaway #freebies #Linocut #printmaking #linoprint #gravure #blockprint #carved #workinggirl #forest #begreen #carving #etsyhandmade #justprintmaking #inktober #inktober2018 #linogravure #handcarved #handmade #etsy #seller #instadaily #creative #process #artistsoninstagram #independantwomen #instagood #reliefprint #illustration #craft

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I really hope I can go to the end of my challenge. I am not the kind to give up and I have managed to finish the inktober challenge the past 3 years. You can watch the sketchbook tour of my inktober of 2017 here .

Carving the whale linoblock took me two days.

It’s quite long for my standard, but during these days I was lucky enough to have a wonderful sun during the whole process. I was outside and I collected the whole process in a video :

Thank you for reading and give me strength to finish this challenge !

Don’t forget to participate in my giveaway and see you soon !

Salut !

First Friday Challenge Result !

Bonjour !

First of all I would like to warmly thanks everyone who participated in this first challenge.

Some of you expressed their enthusiasm for the theme of the challenge which makes me so happy because it’s a theme I love as well !

So Now let’s share everyone’s art :

Thanks to @timothee.illustrateur , @mllerobreau , @mefisheye , @jorge.becerra.toledo , @gauxmar_ulbch , @chestnutmane  , @maxtronaute , @ckomss , @yvonne.castel 

I hope you all enjoyed this first challenge, don’t hesitate to give me your feedback on this !

What did you think of it ?

I will probably do another one !





First friday challenge #IsaFridayDraw

Bonjour !

I have exciting challenge for you !

Timothé from the french blog Dessiner et Ecrire and I decided to do creative challenges once in a while to have fun with you gals and guys. As a freelance artist I am often working on my own and drawing alone, but hey ! It’s 2018, we are all connected so :

Do you want to draw with me ?


The theme: is it a plant, is it a dragon who knows ?

You take a dragon, and a plant and you mix them together and create a new monster. I’ve made my own, inspired by a fern :

If you don’t want to draw there is no problem, I am giving you the lineart of my dragon to color, just download the file, print it on a piece of paper and color it. You can also color it on the computer, it’s your choice !

You have one week ! The deadline is Friday June 29th midnight ! (Paris time)

How to participate, you can either tag me on instagram and use the Hashtag #IsaFridayDraw or send me your participation here

What do you win, well actually nothing but a bit of funtime ?

This is no contest, my goal is to interact with you and get to know you better. The next day I will share your art on my instagram stories and also on a post on this blog for everyone to see how awesome your art and coloring is.

So you’re in ?

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