First friday challenge #IsaFridayDraw

Bonjour !

I have exciting challenge for you !

Timothé from the french blog Dessiner et Ecrire and I decided to do creative challenges once in a while to have fun with you gals and guys. As a freelance artist I am often working on my own and drawing alone, but hey ! It’s 2018, we are all connected so :

Do you want to draw with me ?


The theme: is it a plant, is it a dragon who knows ?

You take a dragon, and a plant and you mix them together and create a new monster. I’ve made my own, inspired by a fern :

If you don’t want to draw there is no problem, I am giving you the lineart of my dragon to color, just download the file, print it on a piece of paper and color it. You can also color it on the computer, it’s your choice !

You have one week ! The deadline is Friday June 29th midnight ! (Paris time)

How to participate, you can either tag me on instagram and use the Hashtag #IsaFridayDraw or send me your participation here

What do you win, well actually nothing but a bit of funtime ?

This is no contest, my goal is to interact with you and get to know you better. The next day I will share your art on my instagram stories and also on a post on this blog for everyone to see how awesome your art and coloring is.

So you’re in ?

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Hello, I'm Isabelle Arné I'm an illustrator from france. I love drawing, plants, cooking and hiking !
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