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turbo time travel comic book

A comic in Turbo Time travel magazine

Bonjour à tous ! I made a few publications last year in comic collectives, by the way did you notice how I changed my blog layout and my portfolio ? If not go check that out right away ! Turbo Time travel is a comic collective base in Nantes, France. I was kindly invited to…

comic short stories

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Bonjour ! You must know I dearly love doing comics, and I’ve been illustrating comics and also writing some since a very very very long time. Comme vous devez déjà le savoir j’adore faire de la bande dessinée et j’illustre des BD depuis très longtemps pour mon plaisir. I have lately put Radiant on hiatus…

Book covers : Maria the Wanted

Bonjour ! This week another book I illustrated but this time only the cover, and also for a slightly older audience : Maria the Wanted ( Book one ). A very challenging cover with a lot of characters and even a dragon to draw. But honestly that’s the cool part ! I’m very proud of…