Funny name for a book isn’t it ?

Bonjour, by the way. Since last time I talked about Soda pop drop I thought maybe I could keep on going and show you other books I did and that I forgot to share on this blog.

This one was created in collaboration with Deborah Bayon for her student project.

The book is quite a free adaptation of the story of Blue beard. The children book has been writen by Deborah and Severine le Burel and I was entrusted with the illustrations.

One of the most fun part was creating the 5 ghost wives of Blue Beard ( did I tell you the children book stared the ghosts of Blue Beard’s dead wives ? I told you it would be interesting … )

I really try to have them all with a special something and a very distinct shape so they could be easily be recognized and also showcase a wider range of women.

In this children book all the illustrations are made digitally. Even if my most recent books have all been done in watercolor I do still enjoy a lot doing digital art for children illustration !

I really love how the book turned out and I’m really glad I could take part in the project.

On top of that I enjoy fairy tales a lot. It had always been my stories of choice. Ever since I was a kid myself.

Tell me if you enjoyed the art of this book !

Have a great week and keep reading !

( on that note I am curently reading the trilogy of Bartimeus … it’s so great, have you ever read it ?)



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