Bonjour ! Here you will find some of my creations. Some are my books, creations I did from head to toe, I love to create my own universe and illustrate them. Also I am happy I have been able to work on a few books by other authors over the years. Here you can find each books and where to find it :

My books :

Magikitty, travel journal of a cat wizard

Follow Fluffy, a scaredy cat, in his adventure around the world! To save the potion shop her friend Kitty inherited from her grandfather, he must find the rarest ingredients and bring them back to her. During his journey, he will discover beautiful places, and make new friends. 

A 120 pages book with 50 pages of comic and 70 pages of travel journal successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Estimated release date : June 2023

Learn more about Magikitty here

The Sketchbook

A compilation of my sketches and artwork from my sketchbooks from 2017 to 2021. Successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Available in English & French.

alone mini comic cat witch zine illustration


Written and Illustrated by Isabelle Arné

Alone is a 12 pages mini comic telling a bit of the story of Fluffy a white cat that is part of the magical universe of Magikitty.

Magikitty cat witch zine inktober fanzine


Written and Illustrated by Isabelle Arné

A mini zine telling the everyday lives of 3 cat witches. The very first presentation of the world of Magikitty.

Available in English & French

Isabelle arne comic BD


Written and Illustrated by Isabelle Arné

Radiant is a webcomic, it is a science fantasy story focused on growth. Learn more about the world here.

Children book isabelle arne

Le lièvre et les grenouilles

Written and illustrated by Isabelle Arné

Get the book as a Kindle in English by clicking here.

Trouvez le livre au format Kindle en Français en cliquant ici.

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Comic Collective / Collectifs BD

Comic collective are books gathering various artists around a common theme. I was lucky to be part of some and you can find my art and stories in these book alongside some very amazing comic artists.

Les collectifs BD sont des recceuils regroupant plusieurs artists autour d’un theme commun. J’ai eu la chance de faire parti de quelques uns et vous pouvre trouver mes créations et histoires dans ces livres au cotés d’artistes de BD formidables.

comic collective tabulit isabelle arne


Comic collective by Tabulit Comics

Story featured : Trains / Illustrated and Written by : Isabelle Arné

Find it on Tabulit Comics

turbo time travel volume 2 comic collective french isabelle arne

Turbo Time Travel 2

Comic collective

Story Featured : La terre qui sommeille / Written by Carole Ballereau / Illustrated by Isabelle Arné

Find it on Turbo Time Travel