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Plein air painting : Mountain barns

A few days ago I went on a mini-hike with Mefisheye. Since we started our work-holiday we take more time for ourselves and especially to go out sketching in plein air. During this hike we came across a lot of barns, it is very traditional designs of this part of the Pyrénées and these two looked absolutely beautiful with the light we had that day. So we decided to go for some plein air painting of these mountain barns! My …

how to price your art as an illustrator
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How to quote your work as an illustrator ?

Bonjour! And welcome to this new blog post on how to quote your work as an illustrator, and especially how I quote. I hope my experience will help you in finding the right price or, if you would like to commission an illustrator, know how pricing work. Pricing an illustration and putting a price on you art is always very difficult, mostly because us artists may put our esteem lower than what we think we are worth. What is my …

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Outdoor sketching in Neouvielle National Park

Bonjour! Summer has arrived and even if the pandemic is still around the corner, we can start moving again here in France. Mefisheye and I decided to relocate our workplace in the Montains, more precisely in the Pyrénées, a mountain chain at the south of France. It is the perfect starting point to do hikes and do outdoor sketching in places like Neouvielle National park. What tools do I take when I go outdoor sketching? I usually like to pack …

how to commission an illustrator for your children book?
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Childbook 101 : How to commission an illustrator for your children book?

Bonjour! You have your children book script ready and you need to commission an illustrator for your children book?  You probably know your children book like the back of your and but the illustrator, just like me, will needs to get to know it too! Both to do a quote and to see if the project subject is of their liking. Get your email ready with the following: What information to send to an illustrator to commission them? 1/ A …

quarantine: a breath of fresh air
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Quarantine : a breath of fresh air

Bonjour! I’ve been missing a few weeks in this blog, for a few reasons. The first one being that I have been overly drowned under work. The second one is that I have been a little overwhelmed by this corona situation and the quarantine here in France. It’s time to take a breath of fresh air. The quarantine is here to last and I saw that it was hard to keep to the house more than 7 days in a …

ronnie the helicopter a self published children book by isabelle Arne and Dave Hoppman
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Ronnie the helicopter : a self published children book.

Bonjour! How are you? Have you had time for a bit of reading lately? If not let me introduce to you another children book illustration I realized recently : Ronnie the helicopter. Ronnie is the character of David Hoppmann who so wished to share his love and his knowledge of helicopters with the young and curious. I was very happy to have to create this cute little helicopter. Ronnie is full of life. In this story we learn a bit …

get commissioned by clients
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How to get commissioned by clients? Childbook 101

Bonjour ! Now you have a portfolio full of very nice illustrations that you love and that you are confident showing. Now Get commissioned by clients and get your art noticed. There is various ways to get commissioned by clients and even more exist that I don’t talk about here. Here I just want to talk about what I know and my experience. I admit I am not the best at talking about myself as many other artists. But as …

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Happy birthday to me! Get a 30% off my shop

Bonjour! What a beautiful day, I’m turning 30 and I feel quite good about this year, as I talked in other posts I have a lot of plans for this year and I really feel like my illustration career is growing smoothly, and I’m really starting to feel like I’m in the right direction with my art. I want to celebrate this beautiful year that passed and that is to come by offering a 30% discount to my etsy shop! …

Build a children book portfolio
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Build a children book portfolio. Child book 101.

Bonjour ! We are soon going to talk about the vast and mysterious subject of finding clients as a children book illustrator. Before even searching for client you have to show them who you are. What you can do ? What is your artistic personality ? I explain here how to build a children book portfolio and what to have to attract possible clients. Show how you illustrate stories. When you are an illustrator, the style is what is going …

Sleep tiny dreamer self published children book
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Sleep Tiny Dreamer, A self published children book

Bonjour This week in the blog I want to present you Shanita Allen‘s first self published book : Sleep tiny dreamer. Shanita commissioned me to illustrate her story at the end of 2018. We collaborated on the creation of the book. I took care of illustrating her story and putting the book in shape so it could be published on Amazon on demand printing service : KDP. Amazon is the most used self publishing platform. I will not talk about …