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Enamel pin creation: Soon on Kickstarter !

Bonjour ! As stated in the title, I’m about to create my first enamel pins and launch it on Kickstarter ! EDIT (14th of November 2019) : The kickstarter was a success I will do posts about the pins creation in the future! Enamel pins are collectible work of art. Pin’s are making a come back in the best way possible. It’s a new way of displaying beautiful art on a nice object, and it’s also a fashion statement. I’ve …

how to deal with wrist pains as an artist
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Drawing and chronic wrist pains as an artist, How I live with it.

Bonjour, today I want to talk to you about a rather serious subject: chronic wrist pains as an artist. As you may know from my previous posts I am doing Inktober this year. Which means I am drawing a lot everyday, hours after hours. Isn’t it your work all about drawing ? Well the work of a freelance illustrator includes a lot of things like answering to mails, doing quotes, doing finances stuffs and advertising as well as drawing. And …

plan your time for inktober
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How to I plan your time for inktober ?

Bonjour ! Inktober has been starting for almost a week already and I must say I’m quite confortable with my time at this point of the challenge. But it’s only the beginning, let me show you how I planned my time for Inktober drawing to finish the challenge. More than just sharing my art from this week, I wanted to help you with what I do that I hope will help me finish Inktober in time and not stressed out. …

inktober 2019 theme prompt
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What theme for inktober 2019 ?

Bonjour ! Every year, Jake Parker gives a list of themes for Inktober. You can find the list of Inktober’s prompt here. Why not use the main inktober theme ? Of course it’s a good idea to use Jake’s Parker prompts, but they can been see has somewhat vague. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that it’s so vague, on the contrary, it’s a good way for you to create a unique Inktober challenge for yourself by mixing the …

how to train your inking skills
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How to train your inking skills and get ready for Inktober ?

Bonjour ! Let’s see how we can train our inking skills to be ready for inktober 2019 ! What ? Doing homework before Inktober ? What is that ! You probably reading this. You will see, I just want to help you start Inktober in the best condition possible. And Getting in the best condition is knowing your tools before Inktober starts. So I invite you to do a few simple exercises to train your hand before Inktober. This way …

what tools for inktober
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What tools to use for inktober ?

Bonjour ! I have already decided what tools to use for Inktober ! There is often a big discussion on the internet when comes the time of Inktober, can I ink digitally ? Do I have to only use inks ? Can I use this or this tool ? The answer is yes ! Of course you can ! For me the purpose of this challenge is to improve yourself. Yes at first it was about learning how to ink. …

I am doing inktober
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I’m doing Inktober this year !

Bonjour ! Yes this year again I am doing the Inktober challenge! Like every year my fingers tickle at the idea of doing this awesome drawing challenge. I like a good push like this. It is always a good way to prove to yourself that yes, you can do it. And also to create a body of work that will be the memory of that period in your life. I dearly value my art memories because they remind me of …

Finding inspiration in books for illustration

Getting inspiration for drawing

Bonjour ! I almost never lacking inspiration, it’s not a big magic secret, I just always have subjects to illustrate. Je ne manque quasiment jamais d’inspiration, il n’y a rien de magique là dedans, j’ai juste toujours des sujets à illustrer.  It can be client work, with a clear brief everything comes easily to mind. But I also have more personal subjects like my comics, or short stories projects or even my series of illustrations on people and gardens and …

DIY Watercolor

How to make your watercolor at home ?

Today I will show you how to make watercolor, everything home made ! I’ve started doing it not so long ago so don’t take my word for granted but you can still try it out for yourself. Because yes, making home made watercolor is fun ! I’ve made so far 5 different colors, two browns, a peach, a blue and a black. All the colors have a very different mix of pigment and binder and I’d love to talk to …


Welcome !

Bonjour ! And welcome to my blog and website, I’ve had some recent difficulties with my website that has forced me to start it again ! But I am here now and for good. I’ve prepared a little FAQ to present myself : Voici une petite séries de questions pour me présenter : So who am I ? I’m Isabelle Arné and I’m a French freelance illustrator, I was born in 1990, I love to draw with watercolors, gouaches and …