I’m doing Inktober this year !

Bonjour !

Yes this year again I am doing the Inktober challenge! Like every year my fingers tickle at the idea of doing this awesome drawing challenge. I like a good push like this. It is always a good way to prove to yourself that yes, you can do it. And also to create a body of work that will be the memory of that period in your life.

I dearly value my art memories because they remind me of the artist I am at that time.

My participation to Inktober in 2015, 2016 and 2017 was in these sketchbooks !

What is Inktober ?

Some of you may know it but maybe not everyone, so let me tell you about this now unavoidable challenge on the internet art spheres:

Inktober is a yearly challenge that take place during the month of October. The goal is to do a drawing a day during October, which means making 31 drawing.

The initial challenge was to make these drawing in ink. Inktober being the compression of “Ink” and “October”.


Jake Parker, Inktober.com

The challenge was originally created by an American artist called Jake Parker that wanted to improve his inking skills. And it’s really what the challenge is all about, getting better and improving our art skills.

Some of the drawing made during Inktober of the previous years.

It’s really what I want this year : I want to get better.

If you followed me a little on Instagram you might have already seen that during the summer I worked hard on my anatomy skills. I’m happy of the progress so far. So I feel like this year is kind of a fresh start for me, improved skill, new art, things are going to be good !

To spice up the challenge Jake Parker publish every year a prompt of theme for each day. Some decide on following these some don’t. This year I have decided to follow it as much as I can as long as it fit my own theme (I will not talk about my theme today but I swear I’m excited about it).

Last year I did my challenge with Linocut.

I loved it because I did learn a new skill but at the same it wasn’t really like being part of Inktober since I only did 5 illustrations.

Check my video from last year showing me carving one of the illustration.

The year before wasn’t so good for me, I had attempted to do a small artbook with my art from Inktober and have it funded on Kickstarter.

Of course it failed.

I see why now, my art was not good enough or mature enough. Long story short, I feel better with my art right now and even if I won’t start a new Kickstarter I’m ready to do great art and more than anything finish the challenge.

Are you doing Inktober as well?

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