Ronnie the helicopter : a self published children book.

Bonjour! How are you? Have you had time for a bit of reading lately? If not let me introduce to you another children book illustration I realized recently : Ronnie the helicopter.

ronnie the helicopter self published children book

Ronnie is the character of David Hoppmann who so wished to share his love and his knowledge of helicopters with the young and curious. I was very happy to have to create this cute little helicopter. Ronnie is full of life. In this story we learn a bit about how helicopters work and I myself learned a lot.

Ronnie the helicopter, dave hoppman isabelle arne, children book illustration

A digital children book illustration

I illustrated this book digitally. Since a lot of the helicopter drawing required a bit of precision I felt like it was more suited for this children book. It also allowed me to give to Ronnie his signature red color that seems to really be enjoyed by the children. David had a poll around his neighbor’s kid and they all choose for a red Ronnie! And I agree with them, Ronnie looks very good in red.

Digital children book illustration with photoshop
Ronnie looks extra cute in red

Illustrating an helicopter was a rather challenging subject for me. Illustrating Ronnie allowed me to experiment and use a technique I have been wanting to use for a while. To have more precise and bolder illustration I decided to integrate 3D models in the process. Let me show you how the illustration process goes for this illustration method :

ronnie the helicopter children book illustration technique
  1. I start with a rough storyboard (or rough sketch) of my illustration to see where are the elements
  2. I do the 3D elements following the storyboard on a software called Sketchup.
  3. I do a more precise sketch helping myself of the 3D elements
  4. I paint the illustration

This children book is also a self published book. David Hoppmann the author has already started distributing it on amazon and it got a very good welcome so far.

A must-have for the young aviation enthusiast (or any kid!) with a great message about self acceptance. I love the colorful illustrations!

Tina on Amazon reviews

I hope you too have enjoy this New children book I illustrated. For a bit of a news, David and I are already working on the next book! So a new adventure of Ronnie will come to life in the future! In the meantime you can also check out my other books in my book section.

Thank you for reading and see you next week!

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