Enamel pin creation: Soon on Kickstarter !

Bonjour ! As stated in the title, I’m about to create my first enamel pins and launch it on Kickstarter !

EDIT (14th of November 2019) : The kickstarter was a success I will do posts about the pins creation in the future!

enamel pin cat mask kickstarter

Enamel pins are collectible work of art. Pin’s are making a come back in the best way possible. It’s a new way of displaying beautiful art on a nice object, and it’s also a fashion statement. I’ve always enjoyed seeing them done by other but I’ve decided to try and make my own. The initial cost being a little expensive, I’ve decided to fund the first pins through Kickstarter.

The campaign start in two days but in the meantime you can go have a look :

Here on Kickstarter to see the pin’s !

If you don’t know the principle of Kickstarter it’s very simple. You choose pledge and rewards, for exemple the “2 pin’s” set and you pay for your buy. Kickstarter keeps the money, if the campaign is successful you are charged, and the money is sent to me to produce the goods, package, and ship it to you.

If the campaign fails, and I really hope it won’t to see these pretty pins come true, so if it fails, the money is send back to you fully.

It’s quite safe for both parties and it’s why I like it.

kickstarter print cat mask

The Kickstarter will have a few added rewards like prints and stickers and also extended goals for special enamel pins.

Some pledge are quite exclusive and in very limited number.

You can right now asked to be notified of the beginning of the kickstarter on this link here.

So if like me you are quite excited by the creation of these enamel pins ! Go on Kickstarter, the Kickstarter starts the 15th of October until the 14th of November ! Don’t miss it (but I’m sure I will talk about it more in future posts, maybe you could be interested in enamel pin creation process ?)

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