Plans for the future and projects

Bonjour ! I think now that Inktober is well on it’s way, it’s time to think about what I will plan for the future and projects after that.

It’s a very personal subject that I guess everyone needs to answer to sometimes. I’m inviting you right now to see my video on the subject, I talk while showing you the process of three of the Inktober illustrations featured at the end of the article.

What do you want to do next ?

I have in fact decided on what to do a while ago, but It is time to tell talk about it to you!

You may already have a hint if you’ve come to this blog, I am obviously talking about Radiant. If you don’t know, Radiant is a comic I started around two years ago. I published it on various free comic platform like Webtoon and Tapas. I had to stop because I didn’t have enough time with my client projects.

watercolor illustration Radiant plans for future
watercolor illustration of a character of Radiant

In the meantime I started to publish Day Dream, an old comic of mine and Carole Ballereau. An episode is out every Sunday on Webtoon and Tapas, and the series will still be going for a while as there is much episodes !

So my close plans for the future and projects are all about Radiant. That comic I am writing and illustrating by myself. And since it’s so personal, it’s very close to my heart and I am very excited to share it again on the wide web! The first time it came out the public had a very good response to it so I’m super glad to publish it again.

I am currently working on new pages and I’m very motivated to finish it whatever happens !

I hope you will follow me in this endeavor! For now you can read the first pages by checking out the yellow boxes all around this article (in case you missed it!).

You can also read more pages on my Patreon for 2$. I post 2 pages a month until the official release the 4th of December. I will also post it in French here on the website.

I wish to talk about this project much and bring you along with me on the journey.

Radiant character sheet future projects
Character sheet of one of the characters of Radiant

Yes what other plans or the future?

Tons, always tons of projects! A reason why I want Radiant to be out there, is also because I want to have other comics out. I have stories pilling up, and I need to get these out into the world. I will talk more and more about comic in this blog. But I will also talk about product creation. Since I love real things, in the sense of, I love digital medias but I love above all actual real things like books or enamel pins !

product making future plans
Watercolor sketcbook created for my etsy

You know I’ve started my Kickstarter project for enamel pins. It’s really part of the wish I have to create real tangible things I can hold in my hands. I believe I’ve already talked about it in my article about the Kickstarter but pins are collectible works of art and I love that about it. I with to talk about all these kind of creation in the future. And of course I will talk about how I created these pins in more details in the future.

Do you have plans for the future like this ? Answer in the comments !

I’d love to see what you have in your mind! will you follow my adventures?

And to finish let me show you the inktobers so far :

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