Happy 2020! Goals for the year.

Bonjour et bonne année! Like we say in France!

I hope your year will be joyous and plentiful. I have of course set a lot of goals to myself, but nothing too drastic, rather and goals like “no more sweets” I’m going to try to be gentle to myself and honestly I’d rather set myself artistic goals. It is the only goals I know I will truely follow.

Some of these goals for 2020 won’t surprise you.

I plan on talking more about my comic Radiant, and finishing the series this year. And I have also projects for this blog like talking more about what I do as a freelance illustrator, talk more about my current projects. Also show you some finished work and tutorials on how I do things.

I don’t know if you would be interested but if I can help 1 person it would definitely makes me happy.

isabelle arne illustration goals 2020

I also want to work on a watercolor series that has been going on loosely for the past years. The garden people series. It is illustrations about people and plants, their relationship with them, how to take care of them and the overall love of plants and nature.

It is a subject I love very much as a succulent addict myself and a nature lover.

I recently finished this one :

isabelle arne illustration cactus plantation cactii planting

Did you set yourself artistic goals this year? What do want to achieve?

Don’t forget to be extra gentle with yourself.


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