How to I plan your time for inktober ?

Bonjour ! Inktober has been starting for almost a week already and I must say I’m quite confortable with my time at this point of the challenge. But it’s only the beginning, let me show you how I planned my time for Inktober drawing to finish the challenge.

More than just sharing my art from this week, I wanted to help you with what I do that I hope will help me finish Inktober in time and not stressed out.

Start by deciding what you will plan on drawing.

Before Inktober I have decided what I will be doing, or at least a good part of it. I know I will be drawing women, medieval women and some from pop culture. And I also know I will be trying to follow the prompt. But to be honest I find it harder and harder. It doesn’t matter, I’m still doing a drawing a day !

I have already talked about my theme in this post, go check it out.

plan your time for inktober
I’ve made and page in my bullet journal where I plan my time for Inktober

Sketch your Inktober in advance.

It is a very good idea to draw some of the sketches in advance. I have done few sketches even before October has started. Last week, when I had a bit of time after inking my illustration of the day I would spend it on the sketch of the next day.

inktober mathilde de toscane illustration
Three sketches for Inktober made in advance for Mathilde de Toscane

This should be visible in future illustrations. In that I mean that I’ve drawn some sketches for various days of Inktober. But in the more recent sketches I have done, I’ve decided stylise more my illustrations. I want to have more strong shapes and more defined look.

When it comes to finding your style, Inktober is actually pretty good for that. Since you will be doing a lot of illustrations in a short time.

princess monoke princesse inktober
See the strongly stylized shape in this Inktober from October 4th. It is a recent sketch.

Fix yourself a time everyday to draw.

If you plan on finishing Inktober to the end. The best is to create a habit. Try fining time every day to draw. The thing with inktober is that you doesn’t need to spend too much time on each drawing. For exemple I’ve decided to do A4 and A5 illustrations. It means that I would have less work on some days. And these days I will use it to do my sketches for the next day or the days I know I haven’t planned a sketch yet.

And to be honest, the other day I had more time for the challenge and I also did the Inktober for the next day ! It just mean I will be able to have one day off ! This day off is actually today, and I’m taking it to write in the blog, because I also much enjoy doing the blog, it’s a new habit I have now.

I hope these small tips will help you to plan your time for Inktober and finish the challenge. Don’t forget to rest, if you’re feeling tired one day it’s ok to either do a very minimal drawing or just skip a day.

Have a good Sunday and I’m leaving you with the Inktober illustration of the week :

If you want to see my inktober day after day I post it everyday on my instagram but I will of course keep you updated next week on what I will have worked on.

Ok bye for now !

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