What theme for inktober 2019 ?

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Every year, Jake Parker gives a list of themes for Inktober. You can find the list of Inktober’s prompt here.

Why not use the main inktober theme ?

Of course it’s a good idea to use Jake’s Parker prompts, but they can been see has somewhat vague. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that it’s so vague, on the contrary, it’s a good way for you to create a unique Inktober challenge for yourself by mixing the prompts with your own theme.

And it’s exactly what I’m doing : I’m taking the prompts as much as can and mixing it up with my theme.

Ok I’ll stop making you wait and tell you about my theme right now :

Famous French Women from the middle ages.

sketchbook inktober theme
Research for my theme in my sketchbook.

I think it’s a good way for me to fulfill two wishes : draw a variety of women characters that my portfolio is lacking and also knowing history a little better. I will admit that my knowledge on the subject is very lacking.

To know a bit more the 10 women I have picked, and to choose who to pick, I’ve had to do a bit of research. The hardest part was of course to mix their history with the actual Inktober prompts. Not an easy theme.

Also you will probably wonder, 10 women doesn’t make 31 days ! And yes, my plan isn’t perfect. But hear me out.

To stay into my theme and to fill the month of Inktober with it as much as possible. I’ve decided to illustrate two or three scenes from these women’s lives. And if there is still blanks after that I’ll just do a bunch of fan art of women from movies, anime and comics that I love.

In the end I will still have a body of work featuring these women, and that’s what I am expecting. And I will also have created a few fan art for a future event that I will talk about after Inktober passes.

Fair don’t you think ?

Thank you for reading this article, to continue the story I’ve made a video about Inktober where I show the first sketches I made in preparation of the challenge.

Next week I’ll post an update of how Inktober is going, if you can’t wait it start tuesday on my instagram

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