January’s patreon illustrated postcard

Starting this January I have decided to make special rewards for my Patreon. I’ll be painting and designing postcards every month. Following my Magikitty storyline, the postcard will be sent to the recipient with a little note from one of the character of the story : Fluffy.

This first postcard to be sent to my Patrons is from the Namla forest. A very dark and scary forest that hides shadows.

Why Patreon?

I am wishing to develop truely my own worlds and patreon seems like a good way to get monetary help from people that are interested by these worlds too. Not only get help but also giving back at the same time, creating a real relation with you, my readers.

The way Patreon work is simple : you subscribe to a monthly fee that directly goes to me. That money is a real help to creators like me. It allows me to be very much independant in my choice of project and to release to the world unique and beautiful illustrations. In return you get access to many behind the scenes, work in progress, the inside of my sketchbook and many more.

You are also getting a postcard in return!

So every month, starting with January you get a postcard sent to you if you pick the “Goodie’s fan” tier. The little bonus is that it’s not a blank postcard. The fun thing I do is that I write at the back a little note written “by the hand of Fluffy” the white cat. It’s like you are directly talking to him. He’s telling you every month of his little adventures to the place pictured on the postcard.

Thank you for reading.

I’m very happy about this new endeavor.

Let’s travel through cat wizards in 2021!

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