Creating a little zine : Magikitty a cat witch story

Hello! How are you?

I have much to catch up with you all. But first let’s talk zine creation : Magikitty a cat witch story.

magikitty fanzine cat wizard witches magic

Last October was Inktober again. Inktober is a challenge that last during all the month of October and that pushes artist all over the world to draw in ink every day for a month. I truely love this challenge.

So this year of course, I took part again and created Magikitty, a cat witch story.

What is Magikitty?

Magikitty is the name of a potion shop owned by Kitty a black cat witch.

The story revolve around Kitty and two of her friend : Fluffy, a white cat, and Bunny a yellow cat. The three of them are all wizards and can do magic.

I spent the month of october creating their lives, their story and making them as they are and I’ve grown quite attached to them. So that’s why I decided to make the illustrations created into a little zine.

After the zine, the story continue !

Following the positive feedback that I’ve got for Magikitty’s zine and the cat witches, I’ve decided to expend a little bit the universe. I’m currently creating new stories and new art for this world. It’s all very exciting. I’ve always loved fantasy and magic.

Among my favorite reads of all time are of course Harry Potter, The lord of the rings and the less known Trilogy of Bartimeus. Both talking about wizardry and magic. So it’s quite great to dive into this genre myself and create characters with some magic in it!

I hope you will be excited as I am for this world I’m creating.

See you soon for a new article

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