New self published mini comic : Alone


Today I have one exiting news to share with you : I’ve self published a new mini comic!

Yes, yes as you may know I love comics and I’ve been developing a cat witch universe : Magikitty. (Learn more about Magikitty in this article).

mini zine self published comic
The mini comic “Alone” is called “Seul” in french and is available in both languages.

I originally created this mini comic during a 24h comic challenge, I tell more about that in the book but in a few words, the challenge was to create 12 pages in 24h. So here it is, not that I fully created it in 24h but most if it yes. I then took it and made it pretty in the next weeks to create this mini comic.

Why the self publishing road?

I like my independence, always and I love to make mini zines. Plus, let’s be honest, this kind of mini format wouldn’t suit any traditional publication house. So let’s keep the fun and the spontaneity! Because self publishing is also about that : spontaneity. Being able to have a small, cute and pretty comic made in a few month. That’s how I created the first Magikitty zine and I wanted this mini comic to be the same. Cute, pretty, and self published!

What is in the mini comic?

So the book itself is 24 pages, 12 for the comic and the rest is filled with little bonuses about the context of the comic and how I created it. I think it to be rather interesting for those who likes to see behind the scenes. I know it’s the kind of things I like to see anyway!

comic preview mini self published comic magical cat

The mini comic book is now available!

You can find it on all these places I hope you’ll enjoy it :

I was very happy to draw this comic and I hope you will enjoy its artworks, I’m proud of how it turned out and I’ll be even happier to hear your comments on it.

Best to you all <3

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