Let’s work together on a children book


We are today going to talk about a new projet I have started. Do you remember on my article about my goals for 2020? I wanted to talk more about my work as a freelance illustrator. Turns out I am currently working on a client project. I think it is perfect to share with you my experience.

It is a children book that will be done in watercolors.

Let's work together on a children book
A selection of book I worked on and that I need to show you!

I am happy to say my author on this project agreed to participate in this blogging adventure. She is letting me share some insight on the creation of the book and also how we work together on this new children book.

During this series of blog posts I will show you the steps of creation of a children book.

I will show you how to illustrate a children’s book. I plan to present you the the steps I take. But I am also planning on sharing how I take care of the project management. This mean how I organize myself to finish a project on time. How I involve the author in the realization of the book. After all the author is the starting point of the book and at the beginning at least, knows his project way better than I do. Maybe if you too are doing a big project like this too, we can exchange and see were we can help each other.

A self published book.

Let's work together on a children book

A lot of the project I do are for clients that want to self published the book they wrote. It means that the process might be a little different than the work process with an editor. The first difference being that the person I answer to is the author and the author only. It allows for a very personal collaboration. I really love this kind of closeness to the author. I believe it helps get their vision closer to what they have imagined when writing the story. With an editor, aside from the author himself that is sometimes not involved, there is editors and art directors that will be here to help you and influence the project.

What book project are we going to create together?

Sleep tiny dreamer by Shanita Allen and illustration by Isabelle Arne

The book we are going to create together is the following story of a book that is already out: Sleep tiny dreamer by Shanita Allen. Shanita came up to me a little bit more than a year ago. She contacted me through on Reedsy an online platform that links authors to illustrators. She had the dream of being a child book author. Her wish came true and now she’s ready to publish the second one and continue her dream. The story follows the same hero Ari and is in the same series.

A presentation of the previous book will be in a separate article. I will show pictures and talk about this first book.

I’ll be of course happy to share with you dear readers. If you have questions about the project I will be glad to answer.

Let’s work together on a children book ! Children book 101 :

I will list all the articles related to this project in this post so you can find them easily:

I hope you are excited as I am about this project. Have a good week and see you next Saturday!

In the meantime did you see my redraw of an old painting on instagram?

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